24-25 september , Gislaved

Då Nordiska mästerskapet flyttades fram till april 2022 planerar vi att genomföra ett läger som uppstart och förberedelse inför veteran VM i oktober i Lissabon.

Om restriktionerna tillåter planerar vi att genomföra ett läger då de flesta veteraner fått en eller båda vaccinationerna.

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Veteran and Kata World Judo Championships Will Take Place in Lisbon in 2021

information was eagerly awaited and the question animated the veteran and kata community around the world: after several postponements of the Veteran and Kata World Championships, due to the Covid pandemic, could the event finally take place in 2021

Mr. Jorge Fernandes and Mr. Marius Vizer signing the contract

The newly re-elected IJF President, Mr Marius Vizer, accompanied by the President of the Portuguese Judo Federation, Mr Jorge Fernandes, has answered the question by signing the contract for the organisation of the event. Thus the 2021 Veteran and Kata World Judo Championships will be held in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, from 21st to 24th October for veterans and 26th to 27th October for kata.

Mr Vizer said, “After two difficult years, I am happy to see that our veterans and kata specialists will again be able to compete. It is good to see that even though Covid put those competitions on hold, they can now resume, as our other events have. I want to thank Portugal for the initiative. I am convinced that together we can organise a great competition. The Veteran and Kata Worlds are good promotion for our sport, showing that everyone is part of our family. It’s also a great promotion for a city like Lisbon. They have a big interest in the veterans and the kata. It attracts a lot of attention and brings a lot of visitors.”

Mr. Jorge Fernandes declared, ”We are really happy to have the opportunity to welcome our friends from all over the world. This year we organised the European Championships successfully. With the Veteran and Kata Worlds, we go to another level. With this event we want to show the judo community that there are many different ways to practise judo. In 2021 Lisbon was designated as the European Sports Capital. Unfortunately the event had to be cancelled several times in the past months, but today, we believe that we are ready to host it and we will. We have many Portuguese athletes who are performing in both categories. For them it will be a fantastic opportunity, to compete on home soil.”

There is no doubt that the Veteran and Kata World Judo Championships 2021 will again be a huge judo festival that will offer the opportunity to discover the beautiful city of Lisbon and will provide all participants with a warm welcome from the Portuguese people.

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Veteran VM 2021

Monday, May 3rd, 2021

SUBJECT: Cancellation Kata and Veterans World Championships

Mr. President, Ms. President,

We want to inform you that the 2021 Kata and Veterans World Championships expected in September in Krakow, Poland, are postponed. 

In an informative summary, the Organisers stated having many challenges to coordinate the event safely. 

Considering the complexity of organising the event in these circumstances, the IJF President and the Competition Management strongly advised postponing the event for 2022. 

We are counting on your understanding and assure you that we will keep a constant update on the IJF Kata and Veterans Commission’s actions.

Stay safe, stay healthy; we will be back better and stronger in 2022!


Jean-Luc ROUGÉ 

IJF General Secretary                       

Veteran VM – 2019

För första gången så arrangerade de tävlingen i ett gigantiskt stort tält utanför hotellområdet. arrangemanget flöt på bra men det blev väldigt varmt i tältet under dagen så det var viktigt att förbereda sig på bästa sätt för att klara prövningen.

Dag 1 – M6-M9

IJF´s text får beskriva första dagens tävlande där Kenneth Larsson, SPIF M6-81 slutade på en 5 :e plats och Fredrik Brag, Västbo JK M6-90 och Jorge Jofre , LUGI M7-81 blev oplacerade.

Scandinavian Clash

In the M6 -81kg category the spectators witnessed a ‘Scandinavian Clash’ between Torben Hersborg from Denmark and Kenneth Larsson from Sweden. “It was very hot today. This bout was the one leading to the bronze medal round, so it was a very important one for both of us. And I think we both gave our outmost,” said Kenneth. “It was a very close combat. There was little difference, but finally Sweden took advantage of the little dance on the tatami,” he jokes. “I didn’t want to point it out to him that this was the battle of the Scandinavians,” Torben laughs. “Because I was afraid, I would have stirred him up to do even better.” Both recently participated at the European Championship for Veterans. “I like it here better. Moreover, I like the heat,” says Torben. “Having the event in a big tent I think is a splendid idea. The circulation of fresh air I like.”The Danish judoka has no hard feelings losing from his Swedish opponent. “Kenneth got silver at the European championship. He competed well there and now here. I’m not crying for losing against a worthy opponent.”

“Judo is in my blood; I just love the sport. I’ve been practicing judo since I was a kid. It’s a perfect way to exercise,” says the Swede who is a real estate consultant in his professional life. “When I step on the tatami for training, I forget about everything else. After a hiatus I’ve been back doing judo for ten years now. And I honestly have to say it has been the happiest period in my life because I find the balance between my private and professional life and also my training.” Torben, who is an osteopath, agrees. “I fix judokas,” he jokes. “But, it’s true. Judo gives you something other sports don’t. When you are on the mat you have to completely focus on what you got in your hands. Otherwise you end up on the floor. At the same time when you get thrown, you get up again. That’s what you learn from the very beginning. You have to get up and get stronger,” Torben ends.

TEXT: IJF- Gabriela Sabau, Christian Pierre

Dag 2- M1 & M3

Jimmy Andersson , Norrköpings JK M3-90 och Robert Sandqvist, Västervik förlorade båda i första omgången och fick inget återkval.

Dag 3 – M4 & M5

Denna dagen var flest svenskar uppe på mattan hela 8 st och bäst lyckades Mikael Ekenberg , Åkersberga JK M4-60 med att kämpa till sig en bronsmedalj för han hade bronsförlusten från Cancun på näthinnan.

Jonas Engh , Alingsås JK M5-81 slutade på en 9:e plats efter fyra bra matcher.

Dag 4 – F1-F6 & M2

Annika Molin, Lilla Edet var i bronsfinal mot Chatrine Arlove , AUS men blev det en hedrande 5:e plats.

Se hela resultat listan från vetaran VM här.


Dag 1 – var det M5 och äldre som tävlade på judomattan.

Denna tävlings dag hade vi 8 judoka på mattan och bäst lyckades Johan Thörsman genom att vinna M5-73 och Kenneth Larsson med sitt silver från M6-81.

Michael Holm , Kenneth Larsson , Johan Thörsman Foto: Hanna Åslund

Dag 2 – M3 & M4

6 st ny judoka gick upp på mattan idag, där var det Kai Chang som fick äran att gå upp på prispallen med sitt silver i M4-60 kg

M4-60 kg Foto:Hanna Åslund

DAG 3 – M1 , M2 & alla F klasserna

Som enda svensk var det Annika Molin som fick stå för de blå/gula färgerna under dagen.Hon gjorde en fantastiskt bra insats med att vinna den jämna gruppen i F4-70 kg med minsta möjliga poängmarginal.

Coach : Kim G Andersen, NOR och Annika Molin Foto: Hanna Åslund


Sista dagen av veteran-EM så var det lagtävling för våra svenska veteraner som ställde upp med ett lag i TM50. Tillslut placerade de sig på en 7:e plats efter flera bra matcher!
Laguppställningen bestod av Carlos Vales -66
Patrik Gardsjö och Roine Sundberg -73
Jonas Engh och Kenneth Larsson -81
Anders Karlsson -90
Stefan Schulz +90
Coach: Dejan Colic

Under årets EM var det lite nyheter för lagen. Nytt var att de körde tills ett lag hade vunnit sina 3 matcher. I Team 40 körde de med mixadelag och om det var lika efter alla matcherna lottade datorn ut en match som fick börja direkt i goldenscore.

Stefan Schults, Anders Karlsson, Kenneth Larsson , Patrik Gardsiö ,
Jonas Engh och Carlos Vales FOTO: Hanna Åslund



Nästa Veteran EM går på Kreta i maj.

Nordiska Mästerskapet 2019

Foto : Erik Vesterlund

Under helgen 18-19 maj avgjordes Nordiska mästerskapet i finska Rovaniemi. Det blev ett lyckat NM för Sveriges del där kammade hem hela 63 medaljer, varav 23 guld, 18 silver och 22 brons.

På årets NM startade totalt 389 personer i kategorierna U18, U21, senior, veteran och lag. Sverige ställde upp med judoka i samtliga individuella kategorier.

Nästa Nordiska mästerskap kommer att anordnas den 25-26 april 2020 i Reykjavik, Island.


Skribent: Kristin Johansson.
Foto: Erik Vesterlund.